The secret to clean, healthy pool water is your pool pump! Your pool pump acts as the heart of your pool, pulling water through the skimmer and main drains into your filter and then out through your return jets.

WPure carries quality pool pumps from industry leading manufacturers, including AstralPool, Aqua, Certikin and more. Plus, all our pool pumps are sold brand new with a manufacturer's warranty.


Self-priming pumps are so named because they can draw water from the pool to the filter and then push it back into the pool.

Self-priming pumps are provided with both single-phase motors and three-phase motors. A preā€filter has been integrated into the body of the pump. The motors supplied with the motor pump unit have been protected with IP-55 protection and are adapted to external thread to withstand hot atmospheres and high humidity levels.

* Suitable for residential pools


A centrifugal pump uses a rotating rotor which draws water towards its center and which, by centrifugal force, discharges it outwards through the rotor blades and out of the pump. The action is characterized by low pressures and low capacity.

* Suitable for large residential, commercial pools


Submersible pumps are capable of boosting water even submerged to great depths.

Unlike other types of pumps, the submersibles do not depend on the air pressure surrounding them, so they can push liquids to considerable heights.

Range of submersible pumps for clean water or dirty water are available in plastic or stainless steel according to the model.